Picture Perfect: Summer in New Jersey 2011

Summer. Remember it?  It wasn’t all that long ago, and it will be here again before we know it.

This summer The Jersey Girl readers submitted photos that they felt represented “Summer in New Jersey.”

The following were some of our favorites from the summer of 2011.  Take a break from the snow, short days, and cold weather and remember what summer was like – just a few months ago.

"A Shore of Possibilities" by Michelle Cino

From the photographer:  Whether you are hopping into the thrilling ocean with your friends, building a magical sandcastle with your brother, or simply admiring the view with your boogie board, summer in New Jersey means enjoying the pleasurable beaches in every way you can.  The possibilities for delight at the Jersey Shore are endless!  

"Looks Like a Flower" by Annette Villaverde

From the photographer: It was taken in my backyard, I had put water out for the butterflies and birds because of the heat (today it reached 102 degrees) and instead to my amazement the bees were drinking the water and skating along the surface, I didn’t know bees were this agile (they must be visiting from the shore 😉  Their reflection in the water looks like  a flower, bees are amazing. 

"The Sun Sets After the Storm" by Andrea Speziale

From the photographer: My photo represents Jersey because even after a hurricane, the Jersey shore is as calm and beautiful as ever.

"Hot Coals" by Wesley Wey

From the photographer: I like how this picture represents summer in the form of nostalgic outdoor parties/BBQ and lazy afternoons spent with friends. 

And from NSNJ photographer, Christina Rudczynski:

"Cheers" by Christina Rudczynski

From the photographer: Summer in New Jersey is about getting people together, whether it is during holiday weekends or just any weekend.  They can get together at the Jersey shore, someones backyard or just at a park.  Wherever it is, there are always games, BBQ’s, sometimes bonfires, swimming and of course food and DRINKS…adult drinks and/or kiddie drinks…it doesn’t matter! What does matter is getting the people you love and care about around you and having a good time….and THAT is New Jersey.

The Jersey Girl

Picture Perfect: Summer “Stuff”

My summer "stuff" on the Asbury Park beach.

This Picture Perfect Sunday I want to share a photo I took earlier in the week. It’s not a rolling landscape or a breathtaking sunset; it’s just my beach towel and bag, my summer “stuff.”

These items are old, and worn, and I absolutely love them.  They’re only used in the summertime, and their wear is strictly – and proudly – from their use on the beach and at the pool.  Just the site of these items reminds me that it is a time to unwind, relax, and enjoy.

I couldn’t think of a more appropriate photo to share with you, on this fine, summer, Picture Perfect Sunday of the holiday weekend.

Hoping you unwind, relax, and enjoy today…

The Jersey Girl

Picture Perfect: Sunset Sunday in Hazelton, PA

Yesterday, a family reunion took me out to Pennsylvania.  I got to tour the Eckley Miners’ Village and see what living conditions were like for my family who worked in the coal mines.  I don’t have too much information (yet) about this side of my family, and being there in PA, where they all first settled when they came to this country was very inspiring.

The sun sets on a fabulous family weekend.

We ate dinner at the Top of the 80s restaurant in Hazelton, PA.  There, we had a beautiful view throughout the evening – complete with a sky that rained skydivers.  As the sun set, I knew I had to try to capture this breathtaking moment of a very special weekend.  Once I saw the photo on my computer this afternoon, it screamed “Sunset Sunday” and I just had to share it with you…

The Jersey Girl

Picture Perfect: Summer in New Jersey Photo Contest, 2011

I’m happy to announce the start of the 2nd annual Picture Perfect: Summer in New Jersey photo contest.

This year, winning photographs will be published here in a special blog post AND displayed on the Notes on the State of New Jersey main page!

For a look at last year’s winners, click here.

What does summer in New Jersey look like to you?

Contest Guidelines:
*Submit up to 2 photos per person.
*Photos must be emailed to 
Melissa with SUMMER in the subject line.
*Please include your name, address and phone number in the body of the email.
*Photos must be received by September 8th.
*Photos must be taken 
this summer in New Jersey to qualify for the contest (date and location of photo should be included with submission as well as a title and a brief explanation as to why you think the photo represents “Summer in NJ”).
*By submitting photos, you agree that they may be used for publication on The Jersey Girl website, the Notes on the State of New Jersey site, and/or any promotional materials.
*All published photos will be credited to the artist.
*Winners will be announced here on the website.

Good luck!

The Jersey Girl

Picture Perfect: “The Real Jersey Shore”

This week, our picture perfect moment comes to us from photographer, Karan Kauchhur.  Kauchhur is not originally from New Jersey, but he has become enamored with the beauty of our Garden State – especially the beaches.  He’s shared many beautiful photos and thoughts about New Jersey with me over the last few months through this blog, on facebook, and by email.

It is now my great pleasure to share with you a collection of Kauchhur’s photographs called “The Real Jersey Shores.” Enjoy…

To see more work of his work, or to learn more about Kauchhur, you can visit his website.

Happy Sunday!

The Jersey Girl

Picture Perfect: Sunset Sunday in the Snow

The peaceful pastels of a winter sunset in New Jersey

About a week ago (before the recent warm weather melted the snow away) I took this picture in Mercer County at sunset.

A quiet road was the perfect setting to appreciate the contrast between the stillness of the snow-covered ground and the colorful movement in the ever-changing sky…

Happy Sunset Sunday.

The Jersey Girl

100th Post: 100% Picture Perfect Sunday!

This afternoon on Super Bowl Sunday, we get to enjoy some warm(er) weather here in New Jersey.  I spent some time earlier today in Rahway and visited the “Close Encounters” art exhibit at the Arts Guild New Jersey.  (It was fascinating, and we’ll have some info about it on Notes on the State of New Jersey very soon!)

The sun has been out all day and it’s melted away some of the snow and ice, making for nice driving conditions.  (Just in time too, because it looks like a few more storms are headed our way this week.)

Melissa Morris Snow

Taking in the snow in New Jersey, while we have it.

Though we keep saying that we’re sick of the snow and ready for spring, I think it’s important to appreciate the beauty of winter while it’s here. This is a favorite photo of mine from the last snow storm we had…

Now, off to go watch the Super Bowl (and all the fun commercials)!

The Jersey Girl