7:00~12/29/11~Updating Facebook


It has been recently brought to my attention that the NSNJ facebook page looks a little neglected.  So, tonight I am doing something to remedy that!

These photos were taken at Acorn Hall today in Morristown.  Misty Layne and I will both be writing notes about our trip there today for NSNJ.

Check out the entire album of photos on the facebookpage and stay tuned to NSNJ for our notes!

The Jersey Girl


7:00~12/26/11~Calendar Updates


Ahh, there’s that familiar website again.  🙂

Tonight, I’m trying to update some of the calendar events for the next few weeks or so.  There are so many great things happening in NJ this winter!  Having the next week off from school, I’m planning to do as much as I possibly can around the Garden State.

In an effort to expedite posting some of the notifications and calendar events I receive, I created a form that might help the process along.  It’s from the handy-dandy Google forms (I love Google, in case you didn’t know!), easy to use and nice, clean design.  I’m going to try it out here on the blog first, and then see about putting it up on the site…If you have any upcoming NJ events that you would like posted on our Events Calendar, or that you would like a contributor from NSNJ to attend, please fill out the form below.

Now, back to work I go…

The Jersey Girl

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If you follow the 7:00 project, I’m sure that this will become a pretty familiar image: the Notes on the State of New Jersey website.

Unfortunately, a very busy work schedule prohibits me from spending as much time as I’d like improving and updating the site, but I fit in what I can when I can.  It’s coming along. 🙂

Starting to use an iPad in the last two weeks has certainly helped me a lot with getting and keeping better organized…and it makes blogging and writing on the go that much easier.

(It’s even helped quite a bit with making this old Android phone better!)

Hoping you are enjoying your 7:00,

The Jersey Girl

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It’s Almost September!

A funny thing happened on the way to this post…I actually found it in the draft pile called “It’s almost July!”  The dates may be in the past, but the links all still work!  Rather than delete it and start over, I’ve left it as is.  Below is the original post as it was saved back in June.  Boy, how time flies!

NSNJ Stuff
It’s hard to believe that June is almost over.  This means that July is here, bringing with it Independence Day, fireworks, parades, and backyard parties.  It’s a great time of year even though it always seems to go by just in a flash.  There are a ton of fun things happening around the state this coming weekend to celebrate the 4th of July.  You can visit our calendar at Notes on the State of New Jersey to see some of the events.

The website is coming along nicely.  We’ve got a few new contributors on board, and everyone is working on some pretty fabulous stuff.  This week, Misty Layne shared her  first experience with the Jersey shore and Cristina Fowler shared her own memories of visiting the shore when she was a kid. There is a new archive page for all the articles published, and the articles now feature pictures – so be sure to check out some of the updates we’ve made.

Also, there’s a form now for anyone interested in advertising information.  If you know of a business or service that wants to advertise to a NJ audience, make sure to have them fill out the form!

Catching Up – new Clash of Influence CD
A while back, I had the pleasure of meeting a New Jersey band, Clash of Influence.  These guys have come a long way since those first shows I saw and my interview with them.  In fact, they recently released a new CD called Clash of Influence.  When I got my copy, the songs went immediately into my iTunes account so I could listen to the recordings that sound so much like the band’s awesome, live performances.

The Jersey Girl

“I’m Busy!”

There’s a scene from the very funny and very awesome movie Just Friends (which mostly takes place in New Jersey, by the way) that has been stuck in my mind all weekend.

Maybe you’ve seen it; it’s the scene where Ryan Reynolds’ character is talking to Amy Smart’s character in the bar – he’s trying to ask her out for a date – and Anna Faris’ character wants to get his attention so they can leave, but he shouts over at her in frustration, “I’m busy!”  Then, Anna Faris confusingly shouts the same thing right back at him, and it’s just a stressful moment, and hectic, and that’s pretty much the way I’ve felt the last few days.  

“I’m busy!”  And, I admit, slightly stressed.

Luckily, remembering the scene from the movie, and playing it over in my mind, has kept me from actually shouting at anyone.  And though I have been extremely busy lately, I’m happy to say that it’s all been good.  Really good.

It’s the end of the year wrap-up at school.  Student projects are all coming in.  Grades are being finalized.  We have amazing trips, events, and activities planned, including a very special visit from NJ poet Chris Rockwell!

And…I got to meet and talk with the ladies of The Real Housewives of New Jersey at an event in NYC this past week…I finally got to see Quincy Mumford perform live in Red Bank…I wrote a guest post for A Healthy Habit (ahem, about being busy – of all things!)…I’ve also started to make my own wine for the first time (a Syrah from Chile) with a group of friends at The Grape Escape in Dayton…NSNJ contributors have been at work on new projects…and we have an awesome new NSNJ logo in the works!

Like I said, it’s all really good stuff, and soon I will have detailed posts of all of these events and more to share with you.

For the time being, however, it’s just going to have to be, “I’m busy!”

The Jersey Girl

May 20, 2011

Happy Friday!

Where does the time go?

This week has been rainy and a little dreary, and the days have seemed to blend together for me.   But like the bright light at the end of a dark tunnel, today is Friday!  Rainy or not, Fridays are always pretty good in my book.

If you’re looking for some fun weekend reading, be sure to take a look at these first two installments of the column Southern Belle Turned Jersey Girl by Misty Layne for Notes on the State of New Jersey!

Have a great weekend!

The Jersey Girl

Behind the Scenes

Really great things have been happening “behind the scenes” this week!

NSNJ Contributors
This week, I have had the pleasure to meet with and work with several new contributors for Notes on the State of New Jersey.

Our list of contributors is growing!  You can get to know some of the new contributors and read their bios here.

If you are a writer or photographer, or know someone who would be interested in contributing to NSNJ, please reach out to us and let us know!

Social Networking
We have just joined the world of LinkedIn this week!  You can now follow the Notes on the State of New Jersey company on LinkedIn.  We also still have our twitter and facebook pages and would love for you to join us there as well!

Sponsors and Advertisers 
NSNJ is now looking for sponsors.   There are amazing advertising and sponsorship opportunities on the website.  If you are a New Jersey business or do business in New Jersey, make sure you reach out to us to find out how you can start advertising with us.

The week has been busy and productive, but there is still a lot more to do.  I’m really excited about the way the project is taking shape and can’t wait to share more updates with you!

Happy Friday!

The Jersey Girl