My writing projects…

These days, my writing projects are very educationally-focused.  While travel writing is still a dream and passion of mine, my other passion – teaching – is demanding front and center stage.

If you’d like, you can keep up with them on my blog that is designed for students and parents: or this blog that is designed for fellow educators:

The summer promises time to travel (both in and out of state), so there will be plenty more to write about then!

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7:00~12/20/11~Math Homework


I was in 7th grade a long time ago, but here I am tonight, at 7:00, working with Greatest Common Factors and Least Common Multiples.

This time around, as a teacher, I have the iPad on my side and tons of apps to make it all a little more interesting.

The Jersey Girl

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Picture Perfect: A Sense of Vacation

The other day, several of my students were (needlessly) gathered around my desk.  I pointed this out, and asked them to please vacate the area and return to their own desks.  They (proceeded to do what they do whenever I use a word they don’t know, and) stopped in their tracks, stared at me, and waited for the explanation.  A teachable moment emerged, and so we discussed what it means to “vacate” and how the word is similar to the word “vacation.”

On vacation in Colonial Park

That conversation from earlier in the week has had me thinking a lot about vacations.  To me, a vacation doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to go very far or even physically leave, but that I get to have a break from my routine, a temporary escape.  With summer on its way, especially, I am ready for a vacation!

I took this Picture Perfect photo in Colonial Park in Franklin Township, NJ when I truly felt a sense of vacation.  I was outside, on a warm and breezy day, in a comfy place to sit, and had a good book – with most of the pages still ahead of me…

The Jersey Girl