Picture Perfect – Sunsets Saved in Time

As you probably already know, I am a huge fan of Craig Zabranksy’s work.

So, you can imagine my delight when I saw his January 9th Sunset Sunday post was a New Jersey one.  Zabransky’s vibrant photos and sunsets-saved-in-time make up for his misconceptions about New Jersey (which I’m very happy to see he’s correcting).

This week’s Picture Perfect photos are just one click away on Zabranksy’s Stay Adventurous site…

The Jersey Girl

Picture Perfect: Sunset Sundays

A few months ago (a little while after The Jersey Girl site was up and running), I came across a really fun blog called Stay Adventurous, written by Craig Zabransky.  Zabransky broke into the travel writing scene back in 2005 and then made travel writing his full-time work in 2009.  He started the blog as a place to publish pieces that he didn’t print in other publications and to share some of his personal experiences – experiences gained from traveling over 40 states and 30 countries.  (And I’m sure those numbers will grow soon!)

A favorite feature of mine on the Stay Adventurous blog is what Zabransky calls Sunset Sunday.  His photographs of sunsets from around the world are peaceful and hypnotic.   Because I subscribe to his blog, I usually receive a notification email on Sundays – just as I am wrapping up my weekend; a beautiful sunset is a great opportunity to reflect while making the transition from the weekend back into the week.  Each photograph is an opportunity for a mini-vacation!

When asked why he began the Sunset Sunday feature, Zabransky says, “It seems that everyone can enjoy a sunset, and everyone can recall certain sunsets from a childhood or even that dream vacation. I have many. And as I travel, I always take a pause at sunset. It slows, seduces, and surprises.  Plus, I always thought it is the best and most beautiful time of the day. Perfect light. And a time filled with positive memories, a time we should focus on (that love, that positivity). With my blog I can promote that each and every week.”

Inspired by Zabransky, I plan to feature beautiful New Jersey photographs (including plenty of sunsets) taken by a variety of talented photographers.  Next Sunday will be our first.

In the mean time, take a few minutes to visit the Stay Adventurous site and travel through some of Zabransky’s inspiring sunsets for yourself.

One of my favorite Sunset Sunday photos by Craig Zabransky. His original caption for this photo reads "typical sunset in the (upper) Florida Keys"


The Jersey Girl

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