Picture Perfect: My New Jersey Memories

Not a grain of sand in sight. (photo by Melissa Morris)

Everyone’s definition of their home state differs a bit.

Many people think about warm weather in New Jersey in terms of the shore.  For me, the warmer weather also reminds me of long drives  on country roads, away from traffic, and even away from the beach.  I spent many springs and summers in my childhood along these roads with views such as this one, admiring hard-working farms, and enjoying fresh produce we bought at the small, roadside farm stands.

Scenes like this are a big part of my Picture Perfect, New Jersey definition. Hazy, and hot, and home…

The Jersey Girl

NJ’s State Dinosaur

Did you know that New Jersey has a state dinosaur?  We do.

New Jersey is actually the site where the first, fully intact dinosaur skeleton was found!  Even back in the days of the dinosaurs, New Jersey was the place to be!

The Jersey Girl

On June 13, 1991, the duckbilled Hadrosaurus foulkii was named the New Jersey state dinosaur.

(The bones were found in Haddonfield, NJ in 1858.)

Read more about it through these links:



Picture Perfect: Sunset Sunday in the Snow

The peaceful pastels of a winter sunset in New Jersey

About a week ago (before the recent warm weather melted the snow away) I took this picture in Mercer County at sunset.

A quiet road was the perfect setting to appreciate the contrast between the stillness of the snow-covered ground and the colorful movement in the ever-changing sky…

Happy Sunset Sunday.

The Jersey Girl

January 12, 2010 ~ More Snow

So, the predictions were correct and we got some more snow (about another seven or eight inches of fluffy, fresh snow here in central New Jersey.)

Though I especially love the summer months (and have been daydreaming about the warm sun and being able to wear flip-flops and tank tops again), I do enjoy snowstorms.  I like the snow not only because it turns everything in sight into blank coloring book pages, but also because of the sense of calm it brings with it.

As it falls quietly, the snow gently forces everything (and everyone) it touches to slow down.  The familiar, fast pace of New Jersey is temporarily replaced and we move in slow motion…

The Jersey Girl

December 27, 2010 ~ Old Photos and New Music


Opening the backdoor in the morning to mounds of snow (even after clearing it away a few times through the night)!

With crazy winds whipping around the almost two feet of snow that came yesterday, here in Central New Jersey, I’ve been inside working on my genealogy project.  Boxes (and boxes and boxes) of old family photos and online research capabilities have been keeping me entertained and off the roads.  It’s fun to see how far back my family has been here in New Jersey; my Jersey roots run deep!


I’m not the only one who’s been busy…Those Mockingbirds of Montclair, NJ have been working on new music, planning new shows, and breaking in new band members.  They’ve been nice enough to send over a link to their newest single, a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” (follow the link, then right-click, and then press “save as”).   If you like what you hear (and I’m sure you will – it sounds really great live, too!), make sure to pass the link on to your friends and check out www.ThoseMockingbirds.com for information about upcoming live shows and links to their other amazing songs.

Stay warm!

The Jersey Girl

December 8, 2010

I’m really pleased with the responses I’ve received from writers and photographers interested in writing about our beloved state of New Jersey.  If you are interested in a writing or photography opportunity, and haven’t already sent me an email, please do!

The new website is coming along quite nicely and should be ready for visitors soon!

Though I’ve been absolutely up to my eyeballs in school work recently, I’ve also been lucky to come across some really awesome new music to keep me company while I work.  Gerry Perlinski, Those Mockingbirds, and Vesta all have new stuff in the works that you have to hear!  And I’ll share it here, soon…

The Jersey Girl

Please stay tuned…

Our new, expanded and more comprehensive online format (which can also be found through the address, www.notesonthestateofnewjersey.com) will be up and running soon.

In the mean time, if you (or someone you know) might be interested in writing about, or taking photos of, the fabulous things happening in New Jersey, please send me a direct email message and let me know a little bit about yourself.  Our online project is expanding, and we are looking for skilled writers and photographers who are interested in employing their talents to share their knowledge of, and love for, the Garden State.

Also, if you have any New Jersey events that you would like to share, please feel free to email that information directly to calendar@notesonnj.com.

The Jersey Girl