Picture Perfect: My New Jersey Memories

Not a grain of sand in sight. (photo by Melissa Morris)

Everyone’s definition of their home state differs a bit.

Many people think about warm weather in New Jersey in terms of the shore.  For me, the warmer weather also reminds me of long drives  on country roads, away from traffic, and even away from the beach.  I spent many springs and summers in my childhood along these roads with views such as this one, admiring hard-working farms, and enjoying fresh produce we bought at the small, roadside farm stands.

Scenes like this are a big part of my Picture Perfect, New Jersey definition. Hazy, and hot, and home…

The Jersey Girl


5 thoughts on “Picture Perfect: My New Jersey Memories

  1. Melissa:

    Perfect! Or should I say “Picture Perfect!”

    I agree. Not everything great in NJ has to include driving to a beach. Country rides along the 500 highways of Hunterdon and Somerset County are lovely.


    • Steve, these are the roads we traveled, going back and forth to visit family! I know (some of) them like the back of my hand. Sometimes, I just jump in the car and take a drive, not really planning to stop anywhere in particular. They’re just beautiful!


  2. i love going to the shore but i also love all the winding back roads of nj iv traveled amost all of them in my car or on my motorcycle theres nothing like a shadey country road in the fall cruseing past farm land its like on one side we have the ocean and on the other side we have the rolling green feilds i have founds country roads that i dont think many people even know of i just get up and with no plaining go find a country road and follow it and i think nj has some realy nice untouched places to see Ralph

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