Picture Perfect: Summer in New Jersey

Summer in New Jersey means a lot of things to different people.  It can mean the beach and the boardwalk, concerts, amusement parks, carnivals (and all that tasty carnival food), hiking, fishing, camping, picnics, and so much more.  As the weather begins to turn colder and fall approaches, this Picture Perfect Sunday, we’ll take a minute to reflect on what a fantastic summer we’ve had, here in New Jersey.

I am very happy to share with you captures depicting what Summer means to five New Jersey photographers – beginning with the winning photo of our first ever Jersey Girl Photo Contest…

The featured photo and winner of the “Summer in New Jersey” Photo Contest:
“Unique Diversity” by Jenna Zawacki

In the photographer’s own words:  “While most New Jersey beaches consist of scattered shells in hot sand, one can find a treasure amidst the glowing tides of Diamond Beach.”  – Jenna Zawacki

* * *

There are so many talented photographers in New Jersey, and it was a lot of fun to look through the photos submitted for the contest.  Though we could not use them all here, there are a few more photos of “Summer in New Jersey” that I would like to share with you.

“My Son, Marshall” by Sandra Saponaro

In the photographer’s own words: “My son, Marshall.” – Sandra Saponaro

“The Giant Ferris Wheel @ Great Adventure” by Billy Hoffman

In the photographer’s own words:  “New Jersey is such an awesome place to spend your summer; there are really just countless ways to spend your days and nights.  But two things seem to represent the Jersey summer better than anything else, the Jersey Shore and Amusement Rides…” – Billy Hoffman

“Jersey Shore” by Misty Layne

In the photographer’s own words: “I’m a (somewhat) recent transplant from Alabama, been here almost a year, so it was my first summer in Jersey.  🙂  I think this photo represents summer in Jersey because it seems to be an iconic summer thing to do.  At least this is what everybody here has informed me.” – Misty Layne

Finally, one of The Jersey Girl’s contributing photographers, Christina Rudczynski, wanted to share a special photo of hers and say a little something about New Jersey.

“Time Travel” by Christina Rudczynski

In the photographer’s own words:  “One of the biggest misconceptions of New Jersey is that it is dirty.  This picture represents a place in New Jersey that has not changed much through the years and is not dirty.  Standing in this iris garden you feel as though you have stepped back in time (even if you are looking at cars surrounding the garden).  Walking around this garden, you forget all the noise and pollution and you are engulfed with the beauty of your surroundings, and say to yourself ‘This IS New Jersey.’  It is only one of the many beautiful places to be found in the state of New Jersey.” – Christina Rudczynski

* * *

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos for our first contest!
Make sure to get your cameras ready to take lots of fall pictures here in New Jersey (those leaves are already beginning to change!), and keep an eye out for our next contest!

The Jersey Girl


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