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Tonight, I’m trying my best to stick to healthy eating habits, but you know, with so many great pizza places in New Jersey, it’s hard to resist a slice or two.

This very healthy salad is being served on the side of delicious thin crust, perfectly cheesy, pizza from Maria’s in Milltown.

Sounds like a pretty good balance, if you ask me!

The Jersey Girl

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Pizza at the Reservoir Tavern

Shrimp Calabrese From Reservoir Tavern in Boonton, NJ

Though I love all kinds of food, every once in a while only a good slice of pizza will do.  In Boonton at the Reservoir Tavern, I found some really great pizza.

First, I tried an order of the Shrimp Calabrese appetizer that was out of this world.  This dish was highly recommended, and I couldn’t resist ordering it to check it out for myself.  The chewy bread and tender shrimp were scrumptious, and once I tasted the spicy and savory broth, I knew why it was such a favorite.  (If the pizza wasn’t already on its way out, I would have asked for more bread to finish up the broth!)

Then came the pizza.  Since this was my first time at the Reservoir Tavern, I figured I should try some of their plain pizza.  So, I went with half plain and a half broccoli rabe and sun-dried tomato combination (not one of their specials, but ingredients from the build-your-own menu).

Don't worry - I made a good dent in this huge pizza!

Piping hot when it was delivered to the table, the crust was crispy, the aroma intoxicating, and it was everything you would want a fresh pizza to be.  I tried a slice each of the plain and the toppings, and both were delicious!

I am looking forward to heading back to try a different variety of pizza – guess which appetizer I’m going to start off with when I do?

The Jersey Girl

Pizza Night at Pete & Elda’s

Sharing a delicious pizza at Pete & Elda's in Neptune, NJ. (photo by Lauren Mosko)

I love pizza.

So, checking out new pizza places always seems like a great idea to me.  Recently, I visited Pete & Elda’s – a restaurant and bar in Neptune City, NJ – known for its delicious, thin-crust pizza.

That same night, Dave Bailey of Tinton Falls, NJ wanted a new t-shirt, so he also went to dinner at Pete & Elda’s.

Confused and wondering what pizza has to do with a t-shirt?

Bailey is about half of the way through his three topping pizza at Pete & Elda's.

Well, in addition to having amazing pizza, Pete & Elda’s offers a free t-shirt to anyone who can eat an entire double extra-large pizza, on their own.  Bailey is no stranger to this offer; he’s been coming to Pete & Elda’s for about nine years.  It took him a few years to work up the courage to try to eat his first entire double extra-large pizza, but over the years he earned five t-shirts.   (The shirt designs change periodically, and the most recent shirt that Bailey set out to earn was the 144th edition.)

Pretty hungry and intent on making his pizza-eating challenge even more exiting this time around, Bailey ordered his pizza with sausage, onions, and olives.  He had never attempted to finish an entire three topping pizza by himself before – a significantly more challenging feat than eating a plain pizza, as each topping adds several more bites to the pizza.  As Bailey diligently ate slice after slice, he reassured spectators that he was thoroughly enjoying his meal.  “I’m still savoring it all,”  he announced when there were just two slices remaining.

Bailey remained confident through the challenge, and so those of us looking on were confident in him as well.  When he finished the last bite and successfully earned his sixth t-shirt, a very proud and (quite full) Bailey said, “The pizza is so good you can just keep eating!”

The last bite!

So, if you’re in the market for a new t-shirt, or just want to try some amazing thin-crust pizza, check out Pete & Elda’s, (voted #1 Pizza in Monmouth / Ocean Counties by the Readers Choice Awards, The Asbury Park Press).  They’re open 7 days a week and pizza is available from 11:30am to 1:00am.

And be sure to let me know if you earn your own t-shirt at Pete & Elda’s!

Bailey with his wife, Heather, celebrating his victory and new t-shirt!

The Jersey Girl

Pete & Elda’s