Pizza at the Reservoir Tavern

Shrimp Calabrese From Reservoir Tavern in Boonton, NJ

Though I love all kinds of food, every once in a while only a good slice of pizza will do.  In Boonton at the Reservoir Tavern, I found some really great pizza.

First, I tried an order of the Shrimp Calabrese appetizer that was out of this world.  This dish was highly recommended, and I couldn’t resist ordering it to check it out for myself.  The chewy bread and tender shrimp were scrumptious, and once I tasted the spicy and savory broth, I knew why it was such a favorite.  (If the pizza wasn’t already on its way out, I would have asked for more bread to finish up the broth!)

Then came the pizza.  Since this was my first time at the Reservoir Tavern, I figured I should try some of their plain pizza.  So, I went with half plain and a half broccoli rabe and sun-dried tomato combination (not one of their specials, but ingredients from the build-your-own menu).

Don't worry - I made a good dent in this huge pizza!

Piping hot when it was delivered to the table, the crust was crispy, the aroma intoxicating, and it was everything you would want a fresh pizza to be.  I tried a slice each of the plain and the toppings, and both were delicious!

I am looking forward to heading back to try a different variety of pizza – guess which appetizer I’m going to start off with when I do?

The Jersey Girl


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