7:00~12/15/11~Big Fish


On the first of this year, I started a project that I called “the 7:00 picture project.” It’s really quite a simple idea and hasn’t been much of a project at all; each day at 7:00pm I take a picture of where ever I am.

That’s it.  That’s my project.

The cool thing, is that I’ve actually done it…for nearly 12 months, I have a photo of where I’ve been at 7:00 each day.  It’s become a great way to journal and document my life.  Some days I’m home, some days I’m on the road, some days I’m still at work, and some days I’m in a pretty cool spot here in New Jersey.

Tonight, I’m enjoying some tasty appetizers and great conversation – about the differences between being British and English – at the Big Fish in Princeton. (I promise that it’s a much more captivating conversation than my recap reveals.)

Now, I think my new plan for 2012 will be to continue taking a picture each day at 7:00 and share them here on the blog.

Let’s start now, and we’ll see how it goes…

The Jersey Girl

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7:00~12/13/11~A Princeton Winter Wonderland

This is one of my favorite places to go during the holiday season.  I just love walking around Palmer Square in Princeton and sitting on the benches (providing that it’s not too cold outside) in front of the Nassau Inn.

There, the large Christmas tree with brightly colored lights and the surrounding trees lit with bright white lights create a really magical place.  It’s the perfect place for slowing everything – during this busy season – down, for reflecting on what’s important, and for appreciating the beauty in the simplest of things.

The Jersey Girl

The Princeton Patch

Beginning this month, the Princeton Patch will be featuring posts from this blog.  I am super excited to be affiliated with this publication and to work with an amazing editor, Greta Cuyer.

In case you aren’t already aware, a Patch is a hyper-local publication that shares news, events, and perspectives from a specific town or region.  There are Patches in nearly two dozen states now.  The Princeton Patch is relatively new, but it is already home to talented contributors and a place where community members are sharing ideas.

Check out my work with the Princeton Patch and follow their links at the bottom of the site to find other Patches near you.

The Jersey Girl

What A (Sports!) Nut

What an arm!

Sports. Sports. Sports.  It’s like another language to me sometimes.  Lately though, sports are everywhere I go.  And you know what?  Even though I may not follow any sport or team in particular, or understand it too well, it’s kind of fun!

Recreation T-Ball
My oldest nephew is quite an athlete in the making.  He can throw a ball – harder, faster, and more accurately than many kids two (and maybe three) times his age.  He already enjoys playing soccer and golf (yes, golf!), and now, his newest sports venture is T-Ball.

This has to be the most adorable sport ever invented.  Seriously.  Pint-sized ball players take to the field and run in all the wrong directions and haven’t yet figured out that the glove is for catching the ball, but somehow they manage to learn the rules of the game – and more importantly, good sportsmanship and how to be a team player.

I’m a huge fan!

Trenton Thunder
In keeping with the spirit of America’s favorite pastime, my annual trip to a Trenton Thunder game is approaching.  I’m super psyched because I had a blast when I went last year.  Of course, I was pretty focused on all of the food (especially the ice cream) available at the ballpark.  This time, I promise to be a little more focused on the game!

THE Princeton Bar and Grill on Nassau Street.

Princeton Sports Bar 
When live sports are not enough – or not an option – one can always turn to a good sports bar to fill the void.  Those in the Princeton area are lucky to have THE Princeton Sports Bar and Grill.  Located on Nassau Street, this sports-oriented hangout is open until midnight or later seven days a week.  They provide a great atmosphere for the biggest sports fanatic – or the casual fan like me – to enjoy all kinds of games and events.

Maybe I’ll become fluent in this language of sports after all…

The Jersey Girl

Hungry for a Little Slice of Pi?

It’s almost Pi Day again!  Last year, I had so much fun in Princeton for the Pi Day celebration (read all about it here).  This weekend brings the second annual celebration of the “geeky” holiday.  Whether your interested in math and science, or shopping and good food, you are going to have a blast this weekend in Princeton!

See you when I get my geek on this weekend!

The Jersey Girl

Gerry Perlinski at Triumph

The Friday of a three-day weekend is always a little extra special.  The Thursday of this weekend was pretty special as well because I (finally) got to catch a Gerry Perlinski show.  Since late this summer, I’ve tried to make it to one of his shows throughout NJ, but for one reason or another I couldn’t.  Yesterday was the first time that I was able to see him perform, and it was great!

My view of Gerry Perlinkski - through the twinkle lights - performing at Triumph in Princeton, NJ.

I sat upstairs at Triumph in Princeton and could hear the music and see the performance perfectly.  Snacking on some of Triumph’s delicious fried pickles, it was really great time!

Now, the long weekend officially begins and more good times with friends and family await…

The Jersey Girl

December 29, 2010 ~ O Princeton Tree, O Princeton Tree

Melissa Morris Palmer Square Tree

The tree at Palmer Square, Princeton. Look at all those lights (and snow)!

Mimi Omiecinski of the Princeton Tour Company does a really good job keeping me up to date on all the cool things about, and happening in, Princeton.  For example, through her I learned that the Palmer Square Christmas Tree has more lights on it than the one in Rockefeller Center!  Of course, I had to go check it out before the season was over…

While I was in the area last night, I stopped by Mediterra for a bite to eat.  Their calamari (and slivers of fried vegetables) and humus flatbreads (served with a kalamatta almond spread) were just wonderful. It was my first time at Mediterra, and I can’t wait to go back to try their Pumkin Ravioli or Paella Clasica!

Melissa Morris Mediterra, Princeton

Mediterra in Princeton, all decked out for the holidays.

Hope you are having fun playing in all that snow out there!

The Jersey Girl