7:00~12/15/11~Big Fish


On the first of this year, I started a project that I called “the 7:00 picture project.” It’s really quite a simple idea and hasn’t been much of a project at all; each day at 7:00pm I take a picture of where ever I am.

That’s it.  That’s my project.

The cool thing, is that I’ve actually done it…for nearly 12 months, I have a photo of where I’ve been at 7:00 each day.  It’s become a great way to journal and document my life.  Some days I’m home, some days I’m on the road, some days I’m still at work, and some days I’m in a pretty cool spot here in New Jersey.

Tonight, I’m enjoying some tasty appetizers and great conversation – about the differences between being British and English – at the Big Fish in Princeton. (I promise that it’s a much more captivating conversation than my recap reveals.)

Now, I think my new plan for 2012 will be to continue taking a picture each day at 7:00 and share them here on the blog.

Let’s start now, and we’ll see how it goes…

The Jersey Girl

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