Let’s do the “Twist” ~ in Princeton, NJ

I was a very happy Jersey Girl the other day when I visited Twist, a Do-It-Yourself frozen yogurt lounge.  At Twist, anyone with a sweet tooth (and I certainly have one of those!) gets the unique opportunity  to “TWIST IT.  TOP IT.  WEIGH IT.  PAY IT.”

View of the self-serve area of Twist from up in the lounge.

At Twist, you can find a variety of frozen yogurt or non-dairy fruit sorbet flavors (usually seven different flavors are offered at a time) in a self-serve fashion.  Whether you choose yogurt or sorbet, all flavors are either fat-free or low-fat, and what’s unique about the yogurt offered at Twist is that all of the frozen yogurt meets the National Yogurt Association criteria for live and active yogurt cultures.

With seven flavors to choose from, the creativity is all up to the consumer.  You can choose to serve yourself a full dish of one flavor – or a lot of one favorite flavor and a sample of a new one – or you can try all the flavors at once.  Part of the fun is that it’s entirely up to you.

I chose to sample three of the flavors that called out to me the most – “Red Velvet” and “Tiramisu” yogurt and the “Mango” sorbet.

My creation at Twist. It was delicious!

After you “TWIST” you get to “TOP.”  There are dozens of toppings to choose from including fresh seasonal fruits, dried fruits, nuts, cereals, seeds, cookies, candy, and syrups.  Just like with the yogurt and sorbet, you can try as many different toppings as you want and take as much or as little as you like.

Once you are satisfied with your creation, a Twist employee will weigh it for you and then you and pay for it by the ounce.  So, even the price you pay is up to you!

The choices don’t end after you’ve made your creation, because there are a variety of different tables, chairs, and couches in the lounge area.  While you sit and enjoy your frozen yogurt in the area of your choice, you can also play board games with friends or select a book off the shelves to read quietly for a little while.

The possibilities really do seem endless.  Each time you visit Twist, you can have a totally different experience!

The lounge at Twist. (photo courtesy of Twist)

Flavors are changed periodically and current flavors can always be found on the Twist website, www.twist-yogurt.com.  Twist is located at 84 Nassau street (right across from Princeton University) and is open Monday through Saturday from 11:30 AM – 11:00 PM and on Sunday from 11:30 AM – 10 PM.


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