What A (Sports!) Nut

What an arm!

Sports. Sports. Sports.  It’s like another language to me sometimes.  Lately though, sports are everywhere I go.  And you know what?  Even though I may not follow any sport or team in particular, or understand it too well, it’s kind of fun!

Recreation T-Ball
My oldest nephew is quite an athlete in the making.  He can throw a ball – harder, faster, and more accurately than many kids two (and maybe three) times his age.  He already enjoys playing soccer and golf (yes, golf!), and now, his newest sports venture is T-Ball.

This has to be the most adorable sport ever invented.  Seriously.  Pint-sized ball players take to the field and run in all the wrong directions and haven’t yet figured out that the glove is for catching the ball, but somehow they manage to learn the rules of the game – and more importantly, good sportsmanship and how to be a team player.

I’m a huge fan!

Trenton Thunder
In keeping with the spirit of America’s favorite pastime, my annual trip to a Trenton Thunder game is approaching.  I’m super psyched because I had a blast when I went last year.  Of course, I was pretty focused on all of the food (especially the ice cream) available at the ballpark.  This time, I promise to be a little more focused on the game!

THE Princeton Bar and Grill on Nassau Street.

Princeton Sports Bar 
When live sports are not enough – or not an option – one can always turn to a good sports bar to fill the void.  Those in the Princeton area are lucky to have THE Princeton Sports Bar and Grill.  Located on Nassau Street, this sports-oriented hangout is open until midnight or later seven days a week.  They provide a great atmosphere for the biggest sports fanatic – or the casual fan like me – to enjoy all kinds of games and events.

Maybe I’ll become fluent in this language of sports after all…

The Jersey Girl

America’s favorite pastime… in Trenton, NJ

Ahh, baseball.  It’s just as much a part of summer as swimming pools and ice-cold lemonade.

Though I’m not an avid sports enthusiast, I really do enjoy going to a live event and had a great time at a Trenton Thunder game (in June) at Waterfront Park in Trenton, NJ.

Trenton Thunder is at bat

From the Trenton Thunder website:

“Come out to a Trenton Thunder game and you’ll experience Minor League Baseball at its best! As the Class AA Affiliate of the New York Yankees, the Thunder offer the highest level of baseball in the state of New Jersey and have been recognized as the “Nation’s Best Franchise” for providing an outstanding and unique fan experience while conducting unprecedented community outreach.”

A dog looking to find a good home with a Trenton Thunder fan or family of fans

One of the team’s community outreach initiatives involves helping homeless animals. During each home game, a dog in need of a good home is brought out to the baseball field for all in attendance to see.  The announcer provides details about the dog’s personality, unique situation, and encourages someone out in the stands to give the dog a home.

There are also plenty of eco-friendly reasons to support the Thunder.  Partnered with Eagle Maintenance Supply, Waterfront Park offers environmentally friendly paper products and hand soap, and the beer cups in the stadium are GreenWare, an alternative to plastic.  The Thunder Company Store sells a sweatshirt made from recycled PET (which is created by breaking down used soda bottles into polyester yarns).  Even the light bulbs throughout the stadium are energy-efficient, and the printer toner cartridges that the front office uses are refilled at a local ink re-filler.

Of course, my favorite part of any event is usually the food.  At Waterfront Park, there is a great selection of food to choose from.  Choices include Thunder dogs, baby back ribs, healthy salads, garden burgers, funnel cakes, mozzarella sticks, chicken sandwiches, French fries, cheese steaks, peanuts, popcorn, sunflower seeds, nachos, fruit salad, and (my favorite) ice cream.

There’s plenty of time left this season to go see a game, have some good food, and maybe even find your next family pet – Trenton Thunder has home games on their schedule through September 2nd.

“Root, root, root for the home team…”

Every summer evening should include ice cream, in my opinion.

~The Jersey Girl

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