The Jersey Shore Restaurant Week Wrap-Up

Delicious BBQ served by Prime in Point Pleasant.



Good News and Bad News
The good news is that the last couple of days have been packed with really good NJ events.  The bad news, is that (sadly) Jersey Shore Restaurant Week has come to a close.

The fun entertainment for the day was just getting warmed up.



A BBQ at the end of the event, but at the start of the season…
Saturday, The Elks lodge in Point Pleasant served beer and BBQ when they hosted the event “Get to the Point.”   Guests got to sample a variety of beers (admittedly not something I know very much about).  I can tell you some beers were dark and others light.  (But I really don’t know what any of that really means.)  What I do know a little about is food, and the food served that day was simply amazing!  Prime, the official caterer of the Point Pleasant Elks, served ribs, corn, macaroni salad, chicken chili, and the most amazing pulled pork spring roll!  From the outside, this spring roll looked like it might contain some vegetables or other expected ingredients, but it was like an afternoon BBQ rolled up into a tidy, fried package and placed on our plates.  So delicious!

My parents, enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon at Avenue in Long Branch.

An elegant day at the beach…
Sunday brought a completely different venue and completely different food.  The Avenue, in Long Branch’s Pier Village hosted the final event of the week.  There, wines were paired with a variety of their own menu items.  There were salads, main courses, and desserts to try.  A favorite dish from this event for me was the stuffed zucchini.  The same stuffing was also served in tomatoes, and eggplant, but I think I got the best option!  Wrapping up the event (and the week), I sampled all the desserts that were offered; chocolate crepes with orange and pistachio, creme brulee, and a chocolate cream with fresh whipped cream were all absolutely delicious.

Healthy habits on the horizon…
I can’t use Jersey Shore Restaurant Week as an excuse for not sticking to my diet any more!  (Although it was fun and delicious and I can’t wait to do it all over again next year!)

Just one more, delicious, plate-full of desserts. I promise!

The warm weather is inspiring me to get back on a stricter summer diet and better exercise routine.  Like a lot of people, I can’t do this alone, but it doesn’t look like I will have to.  I found a fabulous, healthy, Jersey blogger and will be checking in on her blog periodically to find some inspiration and motivation to get back into a “healthier habit.”

Check out Erica’s Healthy Habit along with me, and let’s get ready for some warmer weather here in New Jersey!

The Jersey Girl

1-1-11 ~ Happy New Year!

Tuscany Omelet from Turning Point in Long Branch, NJ

My first New Jersey destination of 2011 was to Pier Village in Long Branch, known for its luxurious oceanfront homes, boutique shopping, and fabulous restaurants.  I ate breakfast at Turning Point, a restaurant open for breakfast, brunch, and lunch only.  (Their philosophy  is to “serve the best breakfast and lunch meals we know how from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. then go home to our families.”)

There were many unique menu items that caught my attention like the Islander Pancakes and the Pesto Infusion Skillet, but I was compelled most to try the Tuscany Omelet.  Made with marinated roasted red peppers, baby spinach, country spiced sausage, and fresh mozzarella, served with a side of home fries, an English muffin and fresh fruit, it was a delicious way to start the new year.  (The never-ending supply of freshly brewed coffee was pretty good, too!)

A view of the ocean from the boardwalk at Pier Village in Long Branch, NJ.

Before leaving Pier Village, I just had to stop and enjoy the view of the ocean for a while.  Though the snowstorm that came through the state was days ago, traces of snow still covered much of the beach and created an absolutely breathtaking, scene.  I did my best to capture it for you.

Wishing you a very happy new year with lots of good times here in New Jersey!

The Jersey Girl