January 22, 2011

Sometimes things just don’t go according to plan.  It’s not easy, but being patient, and understanding that the plan is just a guide, does help.  These words from the highly successful, New Jersey resident, Thomas Edison – “Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits” – have also recently helped me to put things into perspective.

The weather has made this week in New Jersey a lot less productive than I had planned for it to be – and full of a lot more waiting than I like!  The ice and snow and low temperatures have dictated (and by that, I mean completely cancelled) much of my schedule, further pushing back things that I would like to see completed already.

But with a little reordering, creative thinking, (and some Edison-style “hustling while I wait”) I’m pretty sure that things are working out even better than originally planned.

Oh, the impromptu (and super relaxing) facial at Boca Salon in North Brunswick, and unexpectedly getting to catch up with an old friend at Riverside Square Mall in Hackensack, also helped quite a bit!

The Jersey Girl

What’s the big idea?

Thomas Edison invented the phonograph and motion picture projector and made his improvements to the lightbulb – all in his Menlo Park, NJ laboratory.

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