7:00~1/1/12~A Cup of Cocoa and A Magazine

Tonight, at 7:00 I finish making a cup of cocoa (with just a touch of cinnamon), and I’m sitting down to read my January issue of New Jersey Monthly.  This issue promises to contain the 52 things that every New Jerseyan must do in 2012.

My curiosity gets the best of me, of course, and I quickly run through the article to see how many of the suggested 52 things I’ve already done.

And the number is…10.  I can say with certainty that I’ve already done 10 things on the list.  I can also say that I’ve done at least another dozen or so – in part.  So, I won’t count them yet.

It looks like there are at least 42 things I need to do this year in New Jersey!

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2012!

The Jersey Girl

(NOTE: This is The Jersey Girl‘s 200th post!!!)

The Best Jewelry Store in New Jersey ~ Walter Bauman Jewelers

Walter Bauman Jewelers - the Union, NJ location

This Jersey Girl is also a Jewelry Girl.  Ever since I was very young, I have appreciated jewelry and loved wearing it, making it, and admiring it for the art that it is.  It made perfect sense that back in college, when I was looking for a part-time job, I would choose to work in a jewelry store, but it wasn’t just any old jewelry store…

My mother (from whom I’ve inherited this love for jewelry) began shopping at Walter Bauman Jewelers right after I was born.  I grew up visiting the store (in the then East Brunswick location) with her on weekends when she shopped for gifts for friends and family.  I was fascinated by the beautiful pieces they sold, always looking for something new each time I visited, and I began to especially appreciate the unique estate and antique pieces.  The stories behind the estate pieces fascinated me as much as the jewelry itself.  The patient and friendly salespeople took the time to show me the jewelry, let me try it on, and explained as much as they knew about its history.  I could spend hours examining the craftsmanship of the pieces, deciphering the sometimes worn engraving, or simply imagining who had owned it once upon a time.

These fond memories have stayed with me over the years, and though store locations have changed, as well as some of the salespeople, their spirit has remained the same.  I continue to have a positive experience each time I shop with Walter Bauman Jewelers.

With Russell Bauman near the Union location's estate jewelry counter. (Photo by Christina Rudczynski)

There are currently four NJ locations: Union, Clifton, Short Hills and the original West Orange store that opened in 1960.  Each location has at least one trained gemologist or diamond expert on hand, as well as a jewelry craftsperson.  The stores are run by Walter Bauman’s children and grandchildren who work diligently to provide the same quality merchandise, value, and service as when the company was founded.

The quality shopping experience at Walter Bauman Jewelers has not gone unrecognized.  This year, Walter Bauman Jewelers was voted the Best Jewelry Store in New Jersey by New Jersey Monthly.  Russell Bauman, of the Union location says, “”We didn’t even realize what a great thing it was to win New Jersey Monthly’s poll until people started congratulating us when the issue came out.  We just really appreciate all the customers who took the time to vote.”

The next time you are shopping for a special gift, an engagement ring, or a trendy little something for yourself, be sure you visit a Walter Bauman Jeweler’s location.  I just may see you there!

The Jersey Girl

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