“I’m Busy!”

There’s a scene from the very funny and very awesome movie Just Friends (which mostly takes place in New Jersey, by the way) that has been stuck in my mind all weekend.

Maybe you’ve seen it; it’s the scene where Ryan Reynolds’ character is talking to Amy Smart’s character in the bar – he’s trying to ask her out for a date – and Anna Faris’ character wants to get his attention so they can leave, but he shouts over at her in frustration, “I’m busy!”  Then, Anna Faris confusingly shouts the same thing right back at him, and it’s just a stressful moment, and hectic, and that’s pretty much the way I’ve felt the last few days.  

“I’m busy!”  And, I admit, slightly stressed.

Luckily, remembering the scene from the movie, and playing it over in my mind, has kept me from actually shouting at anyone.  And though I have been extremely busy lately, I’m happy to say that it’s all been good.  Really good.

It’s the end of the year wrap-up at school.  Student projects are all coming in.  Grades are being finalized.  We have amazing trips, events, and activities planned, including a very special visit from NJ poet Chris Rockwell!

And…I got to meet and talk with the ladies of The Real Housewives of New Jersey at an event in NYC this past week…I finally got to see Quincy Mumford perform live in Red Bank…I wrote a guest post for A Healthy Habit (ahem, about being busy – of all things!)…I’ve also started to make my own wine for the first time (a Syrah from Chile) with a group of friends at The Grape Escape in Dayton…NSNJ contributors have been at work on new projects…and we have an awesome new NSNJ logo in the works!

Like I said, it’s all really good stuff, and soon I will have detailed posts of all of these events and more to share with you.

For the time being, however, it’s just going to have to be, “I’m busy!”

The Jersey Girl


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