Picture Perfect: Summer in New Jersey 2011

Summer. Remember it?  It wasn’t all that long ago, and it will be here again before we know it.

This summer The Jersey Girl readers submitted photos that they felt represented “Summer in New Jersey.”

The following were some of our favorites from the summer of 2011.  Take a break from the snow, short days, and cold weather and remember what summer was like – just a few months ago.

"A Shore of Possibilities" by Michelle Cino

From the photographer:  Whether you are hopping into the thrilling ocean with your friends, building a magical sandcastle with your brother, or simply admiring the view with your boogie board, summer in New Jersey means enjoying the pleasurable beaches in every way you can.  The possibilities for delight at the Jersey Shore are endless!  

"Looks Like a Flower" by Annette Villaverde

From the photographer: It was taken in my backyard, I had put water out for the butterflies and birds because of the heat (today it reached 102 degrees) and instead to my amazement the bees were drinking the water and skating along the surface, I didn’t know bees were this agile (they must be visiting from the shore 😉  Their reflection in the water looks like  a flower, bees are amazing. 

"The Sun Sets After the Storm" by Andrea Speziale

From the photographer: My photo represents Jersey because even after a hurricane, the Jersey shore is as calm and beautiful as ever.

"Hot Coals" by Wesley Wey

From the photographer: I like how this picture represents summer in the form of nostalgic outdoor parties/BBQ and lazy afternoons spent with friends. 

And from NSNJ photographer, Christina Rudczynski:

"Cheers" by Christina Rudczynski

From the photographer: Summer in New Jersey is about getting people together, whether it is during holiday weekends or just any weekend.  They can get together at the Jersey shore, someones backyard or just at a park.  Wherever it is, there are always games, BBQ’s, sometimes bonfires, swimming and of course food and DRINKS…adult drinks and/or kiddie drinks…it doesn’t matter! What does matter is getting the people you love and care about around you and having a good time….and THAT is New Jersey.

The Jersey Girl


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