Picture Perfect: Memories


Photo courtesy of Rich and Alison Malouf

The moments when my father, camera in hand, called me out onto our back porch to see whatever magnificent thing the sky was doing at that time are moments that will stay with me forever.  Without using words – other than those it took for him to call my attention to a full moon, a bright star, or a colorful sunset – he was teaching me to appreciate the beautiful world around me.  To this day, they’re probably some of the most valuable lessons I’ve experienced.

They’re lessons that have always seemed to influence my writing, and more recently, they’ve helped shape my appreciation for travel and photography.

Just the other evening when I was at my sister’s house, she, her husband, and I were talking in their kitchen when we saw the sky do some pretty magnificent things. We didn’t hesitate to walk outside in order to get a closer look; I grabbed my camera, and they grabbed theirs.  With our conversation on an unspoken pause, we captured what we could…

Photo courtesy of Rich and Alison Malouf

The Jersey Girl


3 thoughts on “Picture Perfect: Memories

  1. Melissa…you are so right about your father. It was only yesterday (around 5:45 a.m.) on his way to work that he called me outside to see the stars and the unusual clouds in the sky. He sure does appreciate the beauty of our surroundings and it seems that he taught you to do so as well. Beautiful pictures………..Mom

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