100th Post: 100% Picture Perfect Sunday!

This afternoon on Super Bowl Sunday, we get to enjoy some warm(er) weather here in New Jersey.  I spent some time earlier today in Rahway and visited the “Close Encounters” art exhibit at the Arts Guild New Jersey.  (It was fascinating, and we’ll have some info about it on Notes on the State of New Jersey very soon!)

The sun has been out all day and it’s melted away some of the snow and ice, making for nice driving conditions.  (Just in time too, because it looks like a few more storms are headed our way this week.)

Melissa Morris Snow

Taking in the snow in New Jersey, while we have it.

Though we keep saying that we’re sick of the snow and ready for spring, I think it’s important to appreciate the beauty of winter while it’s here. This is a favorite photo of mine from the last snow storm we had…

Now, off to go watch the Super Bowl (and all the fun commercials)!

The Jersey Girl

One thought on “100th Post: 100% Picture Perfect Sunday!

  1. Hi Melissa:

    The Arts Guild, and Director Larry Cappiello, are excellent.

    We “missed” you by a week. Stefanie, Lucille and I attended last weekend’s opening reception.

    One March 3rd, the Guild will feature a playing of the actual “War of the Worlds,” and we’ll be attending.


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