Today, I’m Thankful for Thomas Wesley Stern

In the morning, I usually enjoy a nice commute to work along Route 1.  I head southbound, drinking my coffee and listening to the radio.  The entire trip usually takes about 20 minutes.  It’s just long enough to listen to a good song or two and get my mind prepared for the full day ahead of me.

This morning, however, there was a lot of construction, and the entire right lane was closed off for a pretty good part of my trip.  Traffic was stopped for a while.  Barely moving for a while.  Stopped for a little while longer.  The 20 minute trip took closer to 50 minutes today!  The entire time, all I could think about were the dozens of papers sitting on my desk at school, all of the emails that I needed to reply to, and whether or not I’d have to call in and let them know I’d be late.  I absolutely thought I was going to lose my mind sitting there in the traffic.

To make it worse, the local radio stations were a) not coming in clearly and were full of static, b) playing commercials, or c) talk, talk, talking – and I didn’t know what they were talking about.  (This is the point in the morning when I missed having satellite radio and made a mental note to look into subscribing once again.) Right before I lost all of my patience, I remembered that I had a few CDs in the player…one of them was Hope Folk by Thomas Wesley Stern (a band from right here in NJ).

I flipped from AM/FM to CD mode on the radio and immediately my mood lightened.  I sang along to “Fish” and “Hello, Hello” and the traffic didn’t really matter anymore.

Lost in the world of Thomas Wesely Stern’s upbeat music and clever lyrics, I was able to enjoy my morning commute after all.

So today, I am thankful for this:

~Melissa 🙂
The Jersey Girl