A return to blogging: The Jersey Girl comes home…to her blog!

School is out for the summer, and I am excited to blog again!

The first of many wonderful NJ projects I have in the works right now is a community art project called Got Art Collaborations.  I got involved with the art project a few weeks ago.  The shortened version of the story is that a good friend of mine, Andy Maskell, decided that he wanted to put together a community of artists all creating different kinds of art around a centralized theme.  Andy’s story and his inspiration for the project is pretty cool, and I will certainly share that with you in the near future.

In the mean time…

I can’t tell you what the theme of the project is…

I can’t tell you what kind of art I’m creating…

and I can’t tell you where the event will be held…

But I can tell you that the experience is already fabulous.  Along the way, I hope to document my role in the project and also share the stories of the other artists and mentors with whom I’m working.

Once the date and location of the art  show is announced, I will share that too.  🙂

The Jersey Girl

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