7:00~12/31/11~Chinese Food Tradition


Years before my parents had children, they often went out to dinner with friends to a Chinese restaurant on New Year’s Eve.  After having children, they started ordering Chinese food take out and stayed home with us, instead.

Growing up, I can remember getting the Chinese food for dinner, then afterward continuing to cut up confetti (that I had been cutting all the week before in anticipation that I would be able to stay up until midnight), and ringing in the new year…year after year.

This year, at the end of 2011, three generations of us gathered around the table to devour this meal from China One on Ryders Lane in Milltown – a meal that could feed an army.  (Leftovers tomorrow!)

I couldn’t think of a more perfect final 7:00 picture for 2011.

Happy New Year!  🙂


The Jersey Girl

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3 thoughts on “7:00~12/31/11~Chinese Food Tradition

  1. Hi Melissa —

    Happy New Year!

    Are you good friends with the owners of China One? If so, maybe yjey can be a travel guest by-phone on my publisher’s radio show?

    Just an idea.


  2. I absolutely loved this posting! Very well written! Wish I was there – LOL. Happy New Year and look forward to reading each and everyone one of your postings~kathy

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