Tonight, at 7:00, I’m getting a jump start on a resolution I’m making to myself – a resolution to be healthier in 2012.

Overall wellness is habit forming, but so is its complete opposite…I’ve learned this all too well over the last year or so.

I keep finding myself saying things like, “I used to eat much healthier than this”, or “I used to go to the gym at least 5 days a week”, or “I used to have much more energy.”  The worst statement of them all has to be, “I used to fit into those jeans.”  Yup, that’s the one that hurts the most.

So, to remedy all of those “used to” statements and start to feel like myself again, I am going back to my old ways of eating healthy foods (and keeping track of what I eat each day), working out on a regular basis, and consulting professionals to guide me through the process.

Tonight, my journey begins.

The Jersey Girl


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