7:00~12/21/11~A Few Odds and Ends


This week, at school before the winter break, is always a little hectic. There is always one more thing that has to get done, one more paper to fill out, one more email to answer, and it seems like each year there is less and less time to get it all done.

On top of that, getting ready for the holidays always seems to require those extra, “quick” shopping trips – where you set out to the store to get one or two things, but then you wind up with a cart full of items.

This is me at 7:00 tonight…running out to the local Stop & Shop for a few odds and ends…but leaving with a whole lot more.  As usual.

I keep thinking that if I’ve gotten so many extra things each time I’ve gone to the store, that eventually I’ll have everything that I need.

Why then, is that just not the case?!

The Jersey Girl

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