Following up – Shopping @ Annie Sez!

Back in September, I was invited to a blogger preview party at the new Annie Sez store in East Brunswick.  It was a really nice event, and the folks at Annie Sez couldn’t have been more gracious hosts.  I am a terrible guest, however, because my “thank you” (this blog post) is long overdue!

Finding fabulous things at Annie Sez in East Brunswick!

There is, of course, the philosophy that all things happen for a reason.  If we subscribe to that, then we can say my delayed post is actually not delayed at all, but happening exactly when it is supposed to be.  Here’s my evidence for this line of thinking: the fabulous find that I made while shopping that fall day is actually a dress much more appropriate for the cold weather of winter.  (It’s a cozy, flattering fit, charcoal gray Calvin Klein sweater-dress.)  Up until now, the weather has been just too darn nice and warm for such a dress.

Now, after the weekend’s snowstorm, this dress is much more appropriate.  🙂

Also, now with the holidays approaching, it’s a much more seasonally appropriate time to remind all of you fashionistas that Annie Sez remains to be an excellent source for discount designer dresses for all occasions while simultaneously feels like a high-end, up-to-the-minute fashion boutique.  (I was actually surprised at how many current trends and stylish finds they had there!)

I’ll certainly be going back again before the holidays – to do a little gift shopping, and maybe find something for myself to wear to holiday parties.

See you there!

The Jersey Girl

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