Picture Perfect: Art OUTSIDE of the Sugarloaf Craft Festival, Too

Twice a year (in October and March) the Sugarloaf Craft Festival comes to central New Jersey. Hundreds of talented artists and craftsman bring their handmade creations to the exhibit center in Somerset.  I go each time with my mom, and each time we find things that we (didn’t know until we saw them) just can’t live without.  My walls and shelves, purse and accessory drawers are adorned with finds from the festival.

To our delight, one of our favorite (and local NJ) artists, John DiAmicis was again in attendance at the festival and we picked up something special from his booth.  (I can’t tell you what it is, because it is a surprise gift for someone who just might be reading this blog.)

Actually, most of the things we picked up this time around were gifts.  Well, gifts and food.  So, I realize after the fact, that I don’t have many photos to share from the festival itself.  (Don’t want to ruin any holiday surprises!)

You’re going to have to take my word that the things there were, once again, pretty cool, and that there truly is something for every age, taste, price range, and interest at the Sugarloaf Craft Festival.

A little bit of winter in the fall.

The photo I do have to share with you on this Picture Perfect Sunday was taken yesterday just outside our visit at the festival, on our way back to the car.  The snow had been falling for a few hours already, and it began to stick in a thick, heavy coat – over everything.  Tree branches were weighed down, and the autumn hues of amber and orange were peaking their way through the thick snow.  This photo is from just outside the exhibit center; inspired by the artists at the festival – where there was art in every direction and from wall to wall – I snapped a photo of art myself.

The festival is in town through today, October 30th.  They’ll be back again in the spring.  You can visit their website or the Notes on the State of New Jersey calendar for more details.

The Jersey Girl


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