Forgive me, New Jersey, for I have traveled.

It’s not likely that I will ever pass up the opportunity to travel, unless, of course, the opportunity arises during the school year when I can’t take off from work, or if the adventure is priced just too far out of my budget.  I was bitten by the travel bug a few years ago, and the need to travel still strongly courses through my veins.  So under all other circumstances, I am happy to pack a bag (or two or three) and go.

I know there are plenty of places to see and travel to here in NJ, but since my September-through-June schedule doesn’t usually permit me the opportunity to go very far, I took advantage of the time I had this summer to travel – a little further than my home state.

It was my intention to blog from vacation this summer.  But as with any good intention, sometimes things don’t quite work out.  We can blame my glitchy technology, procrastination, or perfectionism, but it is probably a combination of the three that prevented me from sharing my non-NJ adventures with you this summer.

I’m home now.  And back in front of my reliable computer.  Photographs have been downloaded (mostly) and sorted through (somewhat) and blogging can, once again, resume as intended (hooray).

Pittsburgh, PA and Chicago, IL

Standing on the 103rd floor of Chicago's Willis Tower...1300+ feet above the street...on glass. OMG.

The first part of the summer travel brought me west a bit to Chicago via Pittsburgh.  I was able to blog a little from my phone some of the cool things that I saw during these trips.  It’s funny that most people (even the ones who know me well???) ask if I saw any games.  Nope.  No sports games were seen in either of these cities.  The closest I came was touring an empty Wrigley Field.  It was close enough for me. 🙂

Stroudsburgh, PA

My handsome tour guide in Stroudsburgh, PA.

Dear friends of mine (from New Jersey) now live in Stroudsburgh, PA –  in the Pocanos.  The fact that my friends live there is reason enough for me to jump in the car and drive nearly two hours for a visit.  But, the added bonus of great shopping helped to turn a visit into a mini-vacation for me.  It was there that I began my back-to-school shopping.  I found great deals at the outlets in the area and “window” shopped in some of the sprawling antique stores.  Also, I added a few pieces of furniture, beautifully made by the Amish, to my wish list.  Perhaps something to pick up on my next visit out there…

Corolla, NC 

Beautiful sunrise in North Carolina.

Ah, the Outer Banks.  Or, now that I’ve actually been there – the OBX.  (I even picked up one of the official OBX stickers for myself.)  The three level beach homes with wrap-around porches adorned with rockers and hammocks always seemed like an ideal vacation spot to me, and it proved to be just that.  There, I read and sat on the beach and read some more.  It was a great way to end the summer of traveling and feel refreshed for a new school year to begin.

As much fun as I had exploring other states this summer, I still have to say, there is no place like home.

The Jersey Girl


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