A Wordle For Wednesday

Yesterday’s trip to NYC was a lot of fun.  It was hot, but there were plenty of places to find some shade (like Central Park) or get a cold drink to help keep cool (like a Starbucks found on nearly every corner).  My favorite stop of the day, though, was at Eataly, a large, indoor Italian market, restaurant, and beer garden.  You can buy fresh pastas, meats, cheeses, gelato, and lots of pastries and confections there.  The mozzarella and prosciutto plate was amazing!

Bradley Beach
Today, back in New Jersey, I found my way to Bradley Beach for a relaxing afternoon. It was a little hazy, and the beach was a little crowded, but a day at the Jersey Shore = a very good day in my book!

When you love words as much as I do, you love to see what happens when you mix them up, and move them around, and turn them on their head.  Wordle is the perfect tool for this.  I’ve seen some pretty cool “Wordles” before, so I thought I’d take a minute to see what came up when I typed in The Jersey Girl’s URL into the Wordle site…these words are clearly from the most recent posts – as there is still a lot of “Chicago” in here.

This is my very first Jersey Girl Wordle.  I like it!

The Jersey Girl


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