On the Road – in Pittsburgh


The incline.

This is the first time I’m trying to write a post from my phone. (Just figured fair warning might be in order!)

Pittsburgh during the day.

I left NJ (forgive me) with three other Jersey girls yesterday morning and headed west. We had talked about driving out to California, but settled on Chicago, IL as our destination instead.

We arrived in Pittsburgh, PA in the afternoon yesterday. It was a nice (but long) drive through mountain tunnels and long expanses of highway. The farmland was breathtaking. I drove, so I don’t have photos of anything we saw along the way.

Pittsburgh at night.

I’m not sure if I can actually post photos from my phone, but I do have a few that I’d like to share from our Incline adventure. The inclines were built (in the 1870s or so) to help people working in the city get back up to their homes at the top of the “hill.”  They take you up 800 feet and give you an amazing view of the city below.

Let’s hope this works. Please forgive any typos (all autocorrect’s fault, I’m sure) or weird formatting. I’ll check the post myself as soon as I get to a proper computer.

Getting back on the road toward Chicago today…

The Jersey Girl


2 thoughts on “On the Road – in Pittsburgh

  1. ii kinda figured that pic of the 3 rivers was taken from the incline ….have family out there and it brought back memories…was there a few years ago when andrew was looking at schools

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