Picture Perfect: Spring Lake Boardwalk

The boardwalk during the Spring Lake Five

Yesterday, I watched my sister run in her first race, the Spring Lake Five.  I was very proud of her – and have tons more to say and share about this awesome event.  But for now, I’m going to share a Picture Perfect moment I found while I was in Spring Lake.

Once the race had begun, the sun had come up and driven away all of the morning haze.  I wandered over to the boardwalk to pass the time as I waited for the runners to make their way to the finish line.  There, I shared the quiet boardwalk with walkers and people out on their beach cruisers.  It was definitely a side of the Jersey shore that not everyone sees.

This early, New Jersey morning was off to a beautiful start and Picture Perfect to me…

The Jersey Girl


2 thoughts on “Picture Perfect: Spring Lake Boardwalk

  1. Melissa:

    Nice shot.

    One thing I think people ignore many times is the beauty of — and the miracle of life — in the sand dunes.

    It’s amazing how the dune grasses grow, and the goldenrods flourish in the fall.


  2. Melissa,

    Great to see you last week! I started participating in the Spring Lake 5 in 2004 and have been there every year since. It’s such a well-run event and wonderful “kick-off” to summer. This year I wasn’t able to run myself so I also was able to appreciate the beauty of the day from a different perspetive as a spectator. What a perfect morning on the boardwalk and beach with a calmness before the exicitment of watching the runners cross the finish line!

    Hope to see run into you again as you journey around NJ 🙂


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