My Morris Family History

Part of the historical car show.

Anyone who’s started a genealogy project probably knows what it’s like to have the genealogy bug and be addicted to history.  (I’ve definitely been bitten by the bug!)  I began my research about a year ago.  I had it set in my mind that I was going to gather all of our family records, photos, and put them together in a nice, neat package to share with my relatives around the holidays.  Well, when the holidays came, I was about 6 months into the research and nowhere near ready to finish up and present the information to anyone.

It was during this initial research, that I learned about my (deep) Jersey roots.  I knew my dad had grown up in New Jersey, and his parents did too, and I had heard some stories about family members living in the state years ago, but I didn’t know too many of the details.  Once I reached out to some cousins and other family members who were also doing research, the stories quickly unfolded, and kept on coming.  I still don’t think I’ve had a chance to go through them all.  Because so much of my family history is tied together with New Jersey history, I just can’t get enough of history now.

Authors' Tent - where I added many titles to my wish list!

This weekend, Allaire State Park held the Spirit of the Jerseys State History Fair.  Boasting that they would have five centuries of New Jersey’s history all in one place, on one day, the park offered military exhibits and demonstrations, period music, activities for kids, and speeches and performances by significant historical figures like poet and Camden resident, Walt Whitman and General George Washington.  There were literally over 100 different activities to see and do during the fair.

Historical societies from around the state were present as well to share information and events about their respective areas of New Jersey.  (I picked up a lot of great new information about places to see in the state from these friendly and helpful groups.)  Also, I discovered a new group that I’m going to join – The Central Jersey Genealogical Club.  Meeting on the second Tuesday of each month, the group meets in the Hamilton Township Library – which is not too far from where I work in West Windsor.  I’m looking forward to making some new friends and gaining some support as I continue to delve into my family (and New Jersey’s) history and work on my project.

Actors demonstrate pretzel making in the village's Bakery.

If anyone is out there researching the Morris family, let me know.  Maybe we have some common ancestors!

The Jersey Girl


2 thoughts on “My Morris Family History

  1. I have always been enthralled with genealogy! Someone from my husband’s maternal grandmother’s side recently completed a report tracing their family back to Ireland. We keep the report displayed among our fine china and I look forward to being able to share this with our children. Researching my line is always on my to to list. I hope to one day work on it too!

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