Picture Perfect: A Walk in the Woods

A peaceful scene along my walk at the Loantanka Brook Reservation.

A leisurely stroll can be very relaxing.

This Friday evening, I took a walk along the trail at the Loantanka Brook Reservation, and it was a great way to end  my day – and the work week.

The chirping birds and running water provided a calming and soothing soundtrack.  Deer grazed just a few dozen feet from the trail.  Each step I took put the stress of the week further and further behind me.  I took several pictures along my walk, but I think this one captures it best…

Hoping you have a relaxing (and Picture Perfect) Mother’s Day today.

The Jersey Girl


5 thoughts on “Picture Perfect: A Walk in the Woods

      • Aaahhh, I just now saw your comment back! So sorry I never replied! The Notes project is awesome! Maybe one day I’ll try to draft up a little NJ-centered essay and send it to you so you can tell me how horrible it is. 🙂

        I grew up in Wall Township. I really miss it sometimes — especially during the summer! I think just about anywhere along Ocean Ave is my favorite spot! Love the Sea Girt lighthouse.

        You’re an awesome writer. Am looking forward to more posts! Happy Friday!


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