May 7, 2011

Amazing lunch!

A Grown Up Lunch 
Spending my Mondays through Fridays (between September and June) in a middle school, my lunches often consist of whatever the cafeteria is serving up for the day.  The salad bar we have in school is amazing, and the soups are usually out of this world; however, every once in a while it’s nice to sit down at a table (rather than a student desk) and eat a “grown up lunch.”

Yesterday, a group of coworkers and I got out for a little while and enjoyed an awesome Thai lunch at Tom Yum Goong in East Windsor.  I went with my default choice and favorite Thai dish, the Massamun Curry Chicken, and I was not disappointed! (And since the portion was so big, I have leftovers for lunch today!)

Farmers Market Time
In keeping with the theme of good food, I am excited to get out to local farmers markets to buy some fresh Jersey produce.  Many markets have already opened for the season and some are just about to.  Check out this link from the NJ Department of Agriculture for a listing of farmers markets and find one near you!

Have a nice Saturday!

The Jersey Girl


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