Rutgers Day 2011

Trying a Tornado Potato at Rutgers Day!

Saturday’s weather was absolutely perfect for a fun Rutgers Day!

Though there were countless things to see and do on several RU campuses, we chose the Cook/Douglass campus so that my nephews could see the animals.  The boys had a blast with the animals, playing basketball games, jumping in giant bouncy objects, getting their faces painted, and eating fun food.  I have to say, I enjoyed the food too!

Healthy diets were put on hold on Saturday while we ate things like Tornado Potatoes and frozen limeade.  Yum.

My main course: Crab cake sandwich from Sherri's Crab Cakes.

Once the boys had enough fun for the day and went home to take their naps, I stayed with friends to enjoy the NJ Folk Festival for a while.  Artists and vendors showcased handcrafted items and each booth was more interesting than the last.

After walking around for a while, we sat on the lawn among many other groups and families to enjoy the warm sun and a cool breeze. It was the perfect spot for a mid-afternoon doze!

Though I didn’t get to try any liquid nitrogen ice cream (or any ice cream at all) this year, it was still an amazing time.  Next year, I’m planning to try another campus and see about that ice cream!

The Jersey Girl


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