President Obama Announces that Osama bin Laden is Dead

The 9/11 at Mount Mitchill in Monmouth County, NJ (photo by Melissa Morris)

Like so many others last night, I was glued to the news.

Watching President Obama’s announcement about the death of Osama bin Laden was surreal.  It was something that we, as citizens, had been waiting for – for a long time.

Though it isn’t easy to forget, in his speech, President Obama reminded us of what we experienced and our feelings on 9/11, the feelings when we were attacked, the feelings when we lost nearly 3,000 American lives.  He reminded us of how we came together that day and the days that immediately followed.  We were united because of the tragedy, and because of the lives that we lost – many of them New Jerseyans who worked in NYC.

Today, celebrating the efforts of our brave military and feelings of justice for the families who lost loved ones, nearly 10 years ago, will unite us again.

If you missed Obama’s speech, here it is.  If you already watched it, it is definitely worth watching again.

God bless America.

The Jersey Girl


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