Rutgers Day is almost here!

Spring break is over.  We’re back to school.  But this time, we’re revived and refreshed, and now the light at the end of the tunnel, the countdown to the summer, has officially begun.  (There are 39 days for me.)

Warmer weather events are in full swing, like this weekend’s Rutgers Day.  On Saturday, on three RU campuses (Busch, College Ave, and Cook/Douglass) there will be hundreds of different things to do and see: we’ll be able to see solar power displays, learn about faith traditions from around the world, build and fly kites, and make liquid nitrogen ice cream.  (You know that last one definitely caught my attention!)

I'm going to check out how to make liquid nitrogen ice cream at Rutgers Day this year! (photo from the Rutgers Day blog)

There is literally something for every age and every interest at Rutgers Day.  Check out the main Rutgers Day website and the special Rutgers Day blog for more information.

My RU t-shirt, comfy sneakers, and sunscreen are all ready to go for Saturday.  Hope to see you there!

The Jersey Girl


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