Spring Cleaning for a Good Cause – Mothers and More

Do you have a purse or wallet you aren’t using any more?  I bet you do.  And I bet you have several.

They might be a few years (or more) old, gifts from someone who didn’t know your taste very well, or purchases that seemed like “a good idea at the time.”  There’s no need to feel guilty about keeping those bags stuffed away in a drawer or collecting dust on a high closet shelf anymore – instead, you can donate them to a local New Jersey organization and help working moms who need a little assistance getting on their feet.  Though they aren’t your style anymore, they may be just the thing that a hard-working mom is looking for!

This spring, in conjunction with Mothers & More National, the Greater Mercer Area Chapter is sponsoring The Power of a Purse, a month-long program where they collect gently used purses and donate them to the Mercer County Dress for Success.  This is a great way to raise both personal and community awareness of the financial vulnerability women face during motherhood – during the month in which we celebrate Mother’s Day.

Greater Mercer Area Chapter is collecting purses, wallets and items that are often found in handbags, now through May 2nd.  If you have these items and would like to help women are who just getting back on their feet or returning to the workforce, the location for drop off is at the Dance Expo on Route 130 in East Windsor Mon. thru Fri. 5pm-7pm and Sat. 10am-12pm.

Christina Fowler, Greater Mercer Area Chapter leader, says, “Moms Helping Moms is how I was able to achieve what I achieved. It’s time to pass it forward.  Join Me.”

Look around, see what you can find to donate; it’s time for spring cleaning anyway.

And hey – if you don’t find anything to donate, there’s no rule that says you can’t go out and pick up something new for this drive.  I’m sure that would be just fine too.  🙂

For more information, visit: Mothers and More, Greater Mercer Area, New Jersey.

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