Milltown Mel and His Shadow

February 2, 2011 – Groundhog Day

by Jeffrey Morris
Jeffrey Morris

Jerry Guthlein and Milltown Mel (photo by Jeffrey Morris)

MILLTOWN, NJ – Milltown businessman, Jerry Guthlein, was surrounded by his team of groundhog wranglers this morning, attempting to coach Milltown Mel out of his den and predict the weather.  Mayor Gloria Bradford read a proclamation declaring that Milltown Mel would be the official weather forecaster for Milltown. Guthlein, sponsored the event to benefit  Elijah’s Promise, a food bank located in nearby New Brunswick, and attendees were asked to bring a canned food item for donation.

Jeffrey Morris

A brightly dressed crowd looks on while Milltown Mel determines when spring will arrive. (photo by Jeffrey Morris)

Despite the icy weather, many Milltowners showed up for the event and were treated to hot coffee and donuts at the American Legion hall.  This is the third year that Guthlein has put on this event, and everyone seems to enjoy it, as well as the star of the show, Milltown Mel.

Oh! by the way, Mel’s prediction was for an early and warm spring. Let’s hope he’s right.

Jeffrey Morris

Milltown's groundhog wranglers included Ralph Jasionowski and Anthony Fama (photo by Jeffrey Morris)

One thought on “Milltown Mel and His Shadow

  1. thank missy and jeff for the millltown mel update ,sure hope his prediction is correct!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish the weather was a little better today ,would have like to see mel for myself.

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