Picture Perfect: The Cold and the Beautiful

It’s cold out there.  Okay, I know I’ve already written that several times in the last few weeks (and I might have also put it on facebook and twitter and said it pretty much anywhere there might be someone listening).  So today, instead of getting caught up in complaining about the cold and staying inside, I decided to bundle up, brave the freezing temperatures, and go for a walk…sort of.

I didn’t walk very far, just from the parking lot to the museum at the Rockingham State Historic Site in Kingston, NJ.  Though if you’ve ever been there, you know that the walk is pretty scenic, taking you over a quaint little bridge and wrapping around a few bends lined by rustic, wooden fences.  As the sun was getting low and the snow crunching under my boots was the only sound I heard, I was able to appreciate the beauty of the winter afternoon and forget (temporarily) about the cold.

Sometimes the beauty of nature makes it possible to forget that you're freezing.

At the historic site, tour guide Lisa Flick walked me through the building to the room where George Washington wrote his Farewell Orders to the Armies of the United States and told stories about the impressive company the Washingtons entertained while they were residents of this New Jersey house.  Washington’s brief stay at the house is just a portion of its historical significance, and the tour is certainly worth checking out.

Now that I’m back indoors and warmed up again, I believe it’s time for some football.

Happy Picture Perfect Sunday…

The Jersey Girl


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