December 30, 2010 ~ free music from Vesta!

A little while ago I mentioned that I learned about a fun new band, Vesta, but didn’t tell you

The guys from Vesta

much else about them.  Well, I apologize for keeping you hanging!  They’re from the Pittsburg, PA area and are: Joshua Fiedler (Guitars, Pianos, Synths), Joshua Kosker (Guitars, Vocals), Chad Monticue (Bass, Vocals), and  Justin Niedzwecki (Drums, Percussion, Synths). Their music is moody – sometimes upbeat, and sometimes soothing, and sometimes laced with a gentle melancholy.  The diversity of the music makes listening to their entire album, 0.1 Daylights Coming, an extremely fun journey to take.

Though the band is not from Jersey, they do love playing shows here (of course!) and had a few things they wanted to share about their New Jersey experiences:

We can say there are a few things that we love about New Jersey.

We always thought it was cool, for one, that gas station attendants pump your gas for you. This comes in handy when you don’t want to get out of the van during cold days on tour. You also have Bruce Springsteen, but that’s just a no brainer.

We’ll forgive you guys for the Jersey Shore because The Sopranos is our all time favorite television series ever.  We always thought it would be cool to spend a day checking out all the locations that were used and showcased in the series. (I’ve already got my Bada Bing tour story that I tell like an old man to anyone that will listen, but it would be fun to be the geek super fan and take the tour.)

One of my all time favorite vacations a few years back was to Atlantic City. The private beaches were actually quite beautiful, the people were extremely cool and friendly and I never had more fun with my friends than I did that trip to Atlantic City.

And the biggest reason: New Jersey shows! In the past they always were a lot of fun. The audience always seemed to be really excited to hang out and actually get into the live show. That’s always a fun environment to play in and we can’t wait to come back early 2011!  – Josh Fiedler of Vesta

Can’t wait until they get to NJ to check out the band?  You can get a free copy of Vesta’s single, “She Said Fine” right here! (the free download is on the right)

See you at a Vesta show in New Jersey this spring!

The Jersey Girl


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