A Perfect 10/10/10


With a few of the WW-P Java Joggers before our run. (Photo by Mark Macaulso)


Today is October 10, 2010 – 10/10/10 – and for some people it means wedding vows, for some it is about 10 word writing competitions, and for some it is about special discounts at their favorite stores.  In one way or the other, it seems like most people are talking about and commemorating this rare calendar day.

I began my day with an early run and joined the WW-P Java Joggers, a running group from West Windsor, NJ.  We met at the Plainsboro Community Park and our run took us over to the Plainsboro Preserve.  This was my first time out at the preserve, but it certainly won’t be my last! Part of our run was along a path called Maggie’s Trail and it took us out to a beautiful little peninsula with the most amazing view.  I didn’t have my camera with me, but the next time I go to the preserve (and I hope it will be soon), I will be sure to bring it!

The Groundspeak folks – the people who run the Geocaching.com website – have been waiting for this day to arrive as well.  They’ve been hoping that 10-10-10 will be a record-setting day for the largest number of geocachers logging geocaches in a single day.

I tried, but my cache was not successful.  My full story about the cache will be posted over at New Jersey Outdoors later this week.  Though the cache itself was not a success, I had the opportunity to take some really nice pictures while I was outside and enjoyed a beautiful New Jersey day.


Looking up through the colors of the changing leaves was like looking through stained glass.


This is one of the photos I took today during my geocaching attempt.  Heres hoping that however you spent the day, 10/10/10 was Picture Perfect for you as well…

The Jersey Girl

Geocaching website

Java Joggers on facebook


2 thoughts on “A Perfect 10/10/10

  1. Hi Melissa:

    Plainsboro Preserve, huh? I was actually in Cranbury last week, and have been in Plainsboro before, so perhaps one day it’s worth a visit.


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