Picture Perfect: Good Morning, Sunshine

Whenever I’m traveling, having a moment or two by myself to soak in everything around me is especially appreciated and quite honestly, can make up some of the most memorable moments of a trip.  These are the moments when I get to take out my journal and reflect on where I’ve been, what I’ve seen, and who I’ve met.  These are the moments when I get to take out my camera and capture where I really am when I travel.

"Good Morning, Sunshine" The sun rises in Central NJ.

While in New Jersey, I try to do the same things.  Here is a photo I took the other morning (with my new Samsung Fascinate) just before work, when mine was one of a few cars in the parking lot, the sun was still coming up, and the whole day lay brightly ahead…

The Jersey Girl

6 thoughts on “Picture Perfect: Good Morning, Sunshine

  1. Hi Melissa:

    I love all your posts — especially the photo ones.

    I’m a llover of the beach in the fall and winter time. I hope to see some of these soon 🙂



  2. totally agree with the journal and journaling….Actually, I don’t just write in mine when I am on the road, but also when at home… special moments come everyday. Glad you found one and shared it with us…

    stay adventurous, Craig

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