Picture Perfect: Driving Home at Sunset

Craig Zabranksy (whose Sunset Sunday posts on his website, Stay Adventurous, were the inspiration for our Picture Perfect series) has said that a sunset “slows, seduces, and surprises.”  With every sunset that I’m lucky enough to experience, I agree with him more and more.

These days, it seems like we have millions of things in our lives to cause us stress or worry.  (Being back to school and taking graduate classes again, I sure have my fair share!)

Driving home through Monroe, NJ

No matter what part of New Jersey (or the world) I’m in at sunset – whether there is a clear westerly view or not, I find it to be the perfect opportunity to reflect and appreciate some of the good things that are happening as well.  I like to think of the colors and the way the light moves, filling out the sky, as a once in a lifetime event;  each sunset is a unique experience.

Here is a photo I took just last week when I was heading home at the end of a very long day.  I hope it will slow, seduce, and surprise you too…

The Jersey Girl

(clicking on the picture will open it in larger window)


4 thoughts on “Picture Perfect: Driving Home at Sunset

  1. I have also stood and admired a sunset and reflected either my day or things in general. They always seem to have a surprisingly calming effect.

  2. Great photo. The sunset and the cloud color are beautiful alone, but I love how the train tracks seem to show a journey outward and the cars show a journey toward or inward. In a way, a mimic of the sun. Well, opposites like a Sunrise and Sunset.

    Also, so glad my series inspired the “picture perfect” shots on your blog too. I absolutely love viewing them. Please keep sharing those memories and moments… the times when nature (or the sunset) seems to slow, seduce, and surprise. Great moments indeed.

    stay adventurous, Craig

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