Picture Perfect: Sunset in Sandy Hook, NJ

The day that I visited the Sandy Hook Lighthouse, I also spent some time walking around the surrounding park grounds (which are part of the Gateway National Recreation Area) with photographer, Tim Biel.  We stumbled upon a beautiful view of the Sandy Hook Bay in the early afternoon and knew, that if we came back at sunset, we would see some pretty amazing things.

From where this photo was taken, the lighthouse is off to the right.  In the distance, there is a nest for an endangered bird species and near where we stood, other birds flew around and “posed” for some pictures.  Bridges and sandy paths in the area wrap around the water and high grasses, offering distinct and beautiful views with every few steps.

Sandy Hook Bay Sunset, NJ (by Tim Biel)

I think this photo by Biel perfectly captures the slow and graceful sunset we saw that evening.  Enjoy…

The Jersey Girl

4 thoughts on “Picture Perfect: Sunset in Sandy Hook, NJ

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