A trip to the Paterson Great Falls

I’m very happy to report that my dad (photographer, Jeffrey Morris) was able to accompany me on a trip to the Paterson Great Falls!

Having lived in New Jersey his whole life, my dad has traveled through most of the state at least once.  He is a wealth of knowledge about New Jersey history and has taken beautiful photographs around the state over the years.  He suggested the Great Falls as a place I needed to visit because he’s been there several times and knows it is both rich in history and a great place to take pictures.

With my parents at the Paterson Great Falls.

My mom was able to join us too, and we had a really fun time.

I will be posting our Paterson Great Falls visit soon!

The Jersey Girl


4 thoughts on “A trip to the Paterson Great Falls

  1. Melissa:

    A fascinating spot!

    You Dad, camera-in-hand especially, know doubt encourages others to visit NJ’s treasure of spots. We’re not JUST the Jersey shore.

    Psst — The country’s oldest road, and the oldest log cabin home in the western hemisphere, call New Jersey home!


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